Fuck Me Daddy, Fuck Me!

What’s this?

Posted in 1 by fuckmedaddyfuckme on October 13, 2009

Hi guys, this page was originally created for fucking porn, fuck that! Now is for fucking Porn Quiters! We gotta quit that fucking shit guys!

Soon Im bringing my video I made, with my horrible fucking little voice, nasty as shit, but what can I do? It’s my voice…

Ok, so why quiting porn? U’ll see it on the video, hope WE ALL QUIT THIS FUCKING PORN PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the bad words, u’ll see a lot in the video, if u dont like it, please say it, say Im a shit, a fuck, but say something 🙂

Thank u! 🙂

Vivan los porno-quiters hijos de puta, fuck you putas del porno, fuck you!!!